Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Book It With CollectorTBNL

One of the trades I did in Tuesday with the free shipping was for about 100 cards each way. Not the biggest I did over the month, but enough that the free shipping saved the $10 or so, a nice trade for just to cost of cards going...oh, and bookmarks? 

I didn't have any of these before, but here we have some bookmarks from 1997 and 2003 "Hit The Books" series. Not all of them, and not something I would be going out of the way to collect, but "card" enough, to just put into my binders accordingly. They have an English, and a French side. Like the message though - using sports to try and help encourage reading - definitely a good promotion.

The trade did involve a bunch of actual cards too, so let's take a look at what those include...

The 1986 Fleer sticker is a new one for me, though a bunch of the trade was for Jays which may not be new to my collection, like the 1987 TOpps ones here, and most of the next scan or two as well...

I have to check on some of the variation sets soon, like the Donruss ones, to see if I have all Jays for the different versions of dots or no dots or one versus two asterisks as I can't be 100% sure I have everyone logged exactly right, and it would be nice to know if I do have them all or need any. Yeah, I am....detailed....like that.

Once we get into the post-2000 cards, pretty much the rest are all new cards for me.

The two cards from 2001 Donruss The Rookies are the full Jays entourage from that set, so all done there, and the 2008 Topps cards are the Jays team set, which I still need more to complete.

Nate's Warming In The Pen is a one and done Jays insert set, as is Franchise Futures insert right below it.

As there are 100 parallels in every set these days, new versions in various refractor / throwback / shiny / shaped / colourful cards from newer Topps sets. I like them, but there is just such an abundance, it takes away from being really special.

We end with some hockey cards as well, with the MVP Potvin and Pinnacle Mint Silver Team Alyn cards being the new from the bunch.

A satisfying trade, and hopefully a decent read. If you didn't finish, can always bookmark it!


  1. Those bookmarks are really great. I had never heard of those before.

  2. Glad you like the bookmarks. Truth be told, I'm happy they're gone. My keeper bookmarks are in binders but I hate oversized traders because they don't fit well in monster boxes. Unless I sit them on top, which I don't like to do

    1. I agree, I don't like the odd sized traders. I can deal with it when they are part of the collection, but as traders, I just want them gone too!