Sunday, November 19, 2023

Over Time

 We continue the walk through a bunch of new wrestling cards from Shaw Racing today, covering from about 2017 - 2021.

A few different sets here, but the real win is a bunch of the cards are inserts. Now, many wrestling insert sets feel more like an expanded base since they are not that hard to come by, but a lot of the subject material is pretty good, like the John Cena Tribute cards.

The 2020 Topps WWE Women's Division has a couple insert sets I got a bunch of here, first being the Breaking Barriers insert set. Obviously focused on women breaking down, well, barriers. THe design is fine, but the subject material is on point.

The Superstar Transformation cards are amazing though. I absolutely love them, though I recall a set from TNA I believe around 2010 which had a similar design. I should go find it....either way, still really like the ability to see the early career . current approach on these.

Chrome and Finest - two sets that aren't too far off from each other. I don't mind them, though not a big fan of the splash colour background. It's okay, but not really needed, would always rather an action shot.

These five 2021 Topps Heritage cards help that base set build as I am now up to 94 of 100 cards on that one. I really like the 1990 Topps throwback design on the cards.

Another great bunch of cards, and still another day worth of wrestling cards from the trade to share!

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