Saturday, November 18, 2023

Okay, Not Just Cards

 Getting into the wrestling cards in the second big box trade with Shaw Racing from TCDB, and we actually start with some poker chips.

These are 2011 Power Chipz, and I know absolutely nothing about the game, but can confirm, they just look like, and feel like, poker chips with wrestlers on them.

I have to say, the look and feel are great, and they are well made, but I am never going to bother looking up what you are actually supposed to do with these.

Going back further, we get some 1985 Topps series cards. I love the 1985 series, and it's one of the items I had as a kid that I wish I didn't get rid of, so happily getting any of them back, regardless of condition, is nice.

A couple 1990 Classic cards, and then a bunch of 2017 inserts. I wasn't able to finish any of the insert sets, but nice bringing the Heritage insert sets along a good way. Sheamus and Dolph were both good hands - too bad Sheamus seemed to have a few bouts of injury issues, but he has had a solid career.

30 Years of SummerSlam highlighted in this one, and you can't talk old school SummerSlam without stars like Macho Man, Shawn and Brock...Orton too, he doesn't get enough credit some times for doing as well, as long as he has.

A great start to the wrestling cards, but more to share tomorrow!


  1. I'm not familiar with the Poker Chip game either, but if the stars are supposed to indicate which characters are better in the game, then I think they did Kamala a great disservice by giving him the same amount as the girls.

    1. Agreed - I don't know how it works either, but wouldn't have had them the same if it matters.