Monday, November 27, 2023

Majors and Minors

 Another day of random cards from the COVID lot and we get a fair variety of hockey cards, a bit from the minors, a big from the bog eagues.

Not a bad start - a couple 1990-91 Score Rookie & Traded cards that I need. I have plenty of work to do on the set, but a slow build on that one is fine with me.

Also a Leaf keeper with Marshall, but as much as I don't collect minor league cards, getting a few which have a set print run, even if it is 7,000 or 40,000, still not too shabby of a pick up. Should make for alright trade fodder.

I know that at first look, these have the 1990-91 Upper Deck style, but they are 5 year anniversary subset cards from the 1995-96 Upper Deck set. At least Sundin is in Leaf uniform on the back, so happy to keep that as a Leaf card!

We end with a bunch of 1996-97 Fleer which, I definitely have not seen much of. Not bad for design, and the goalies always make the cards look a bit better with the masks and padding, and usual action shots.

Overall, not going to complain having a few more Leaf cards and a couple set adds!

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