Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Moore For Less

 Today, another trade from TCDB, but a wee small one with only 4 cards coming my way, but still a nice one with coachmoore11 - a first time trade partner.

I will say, great communication - before sending, I was told the Nolan was the wrong version as I was looking for one of the error versions, but I figured it was fine, I'll find it a home, so trade went ahead as planned.

Besides - the Bo error card and getting a couple Jays cards that are not of your regular base variety, made it a fine enough PWE trade.

I always like picking up Sports Illustrated cards, especially when they are in solid condition since many didn't survive well.

Also - the Hitting Machines insert set from 1994 Ultra was all of 10 cards, but three of them Jays. Just tells you the team they had (though at that point, a bit past their hey day).

A great trade, and a quick share for today!

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