Wednesday, November 29, 2023


 Now, if yo were a wrestling fan in the early 90s, you probably remember the Bret Hart spin in WWF of the Mean Joe Greene football commercial. I think the original was for Coke. You can go on to more recently when MJF copied it as well in another spoof (which was great as well).

All these are great, but absolutely not the Brett I'm looking at today, instead, it's an influx of Brett Hull.

Some Kariya cards in there too, but the Ultra and Up Close are set helpers for me, and the One on One cards as well. I'm very tempted to collect the Fleet Greats of the Game set, but not there yet, so those are up for trade if anyone is interested.

AH - the SUmmit set drives me nuts with the different parallels, but I think this is the preferred stock one, and is a keeper.

Best of the bunch though, has to be the fact that all of the 2008-09 McDonalds cards are new for me which is great! Love the set, like most McDs.

Solid day overall from the COVID lot for sure!