Monday, November 6, 2023

Raw vs Smackdown

 Always love a good trade that includes a bunch of wrestling cards that are new to me. These cards come from TCDB member shimano, across the pond as it were.

We have a single 1982 Topps baseball set addition, but it's all about the 2002 Fleer WWE Raw vs. SMackdown cards otherwise. I didn't have any of these until this trade.

I may not be a fan of the silver script autographs printed on like MVP sets, and the font used for the name on the card can make it hard for me to read, but the photography is pretty good!

I don't mind the photoshoot pic for the announcers. I guess probably better than a photo of them just sitting at the desk.

Rico - there's a guy I haven't thought about in a while. I remember hearing the story about OVW tapes of him being used to decide whether to have him called up to WWE, and then Cena being in them and becoming the attention he needed to get him started on his way out of OVW.

Not sure why the ladies have a different design than being Raw or Smackdown, but ok....

Terri was always an interesting one - decent manager, but not great in the ring. I do wonder if she did the wrestling because she wanted to, or really her enjoyment came with being a manager. Don't have many good managers these days - though Paul Hayman is amazing as one, he does have a slightly different physique than Terri....

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