Friday, November 3, 2023

Not Contending

 COVID lot cards today, and we are in the 2010-11 Playoff Contenders set - so let's seee if we have anything of interest.

I like that the seat numbering on the fronts actually have a meaning to them with the player number, number of seasons, and position highlighted. The franchise year established isn't too shabby either. The fact this takes up half the card really reduces the photo space and makes them a little more static in look, and not sure the team name in the bottom left is overly needed with the logo on the front as well, but so be it.

The backs still look odd with the lack of stats - but different can be okay. I do have problem with some of the colour combos - green on black is not easy to read, for example.

A shame there isn't anything for me to keep in the cards today, but it isn't a bad set - just not in my likes for collecting. Anyone out there interested in a start?


  1. I miss those few years when Panini was making hockey cards. Managed to grab a box of these at the time and pulled an OEL auto.