Thursday, November 2, 2023

Giving Thanks

 Sure, it may seem late to give thanks - or early if you are in the US (Canada celebrates in October), but getting together with my family this year actually ended up with some cards coming into my possession. Well, cards and stickers.

My brother recently moved out of my mom's place, and as she was cleaning up, came across a couple card related items of mine that we didn't realize she still had.

A bit big for the scanner, but one of the sticker albums I collected in as a kid. This one was actually almost complete to, so since it is 5 stickers short, I will be getting those and putting them in to complete it. Better 33 years later than never!

The pages are definitely yellowed and wavy, but this one is one I hadn't put a pen mark in at all which surprises me a bit as I liked to write in them about the stats. I didn't do too bad a job getting the stickers in place either - just a couple which were a little off, so good there.

The other item, is another copy of something I already have...

It is the complete 36 card set, the corrected version (so not the 2 error card versions from the earlier releases), for the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays Greatest Moments set. I have a bunch of the cards in a number of copies, but I'll take another!

Not something I expected to get from Thanksgiving, but then again, my sister came across 50 or so stuffies that my daughter brought home, so I wasn't the only one getting something from the gathering this year!


  1. That Panini sticker album takes me back, I had '88, '89, and '90 as a kid but must have lost interest after that - unless the '90s issues were just harder to find.

    1. Without checking - I think it was Mattingly on the '88 which was the first one I was ever collecting and I remember writing all over that one, really loved it a lot.

  2. I had this album too. I'm not sure if I ever finished it (it's long gone at this point), but if I didn't, I had to be pretty darn close to doing so.