Thursday, November 16, 2023

Dupe Hockey

On to the hockey part of the trade with Shaw Racing, and a bunch, but not all of it, is duplicated. I don't mind especially in taking these in exchange for traders. Still, some new cards today as well, but too much hockey for just one day, so we can touch on more tomorrow...but for now... 

New to me is the nice 1979-80 card with Dave WIlliams, and some stickers - then we get into the duplicates of early 90s hockey.

Not to gloss over them, but I think most/all of these are onto my 3rd, 4th, or 5th copy, and time for showing. Don't want to dismiss them as I love getting them all, but don't want to bore with full scans of all of them which we see here often enough.

Now, the Hull insert cards are excellent. They get me to just missing the header card to call that insert set complete.

Speaking of sets, a bunch of 25th anniversary set O Pee Chee cards highlighting the designs over the years in a nice way, bring that set to about half way done for me. Plenty more hockey to share, but will cover the rest tomorrow!

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