Friday, November 24, 2023


 I know these may be cards and collectible to some, but I am just not feeling it. I mean, in this case, there just isn't anything player or team related, so I don't have any interest in collecting them. At the same time, I guess they are "inserts", but I just can't do, packaging material it is...for the most part.

There are a bunch of these - 15-20, and the difference is just the date as it relates to the contest. I mean, they at least feel like cards and there seem to be some want on TCDB, so I'll be willing to track and trade these ones at least.

The 1999 Opening Day versions (the bottom scans in the above), are paper and glued together, so not going to keep them since most are "ruined" anyway. Similarly, the generic ad cards on the top of the scan, just packaging material.

I can look at the bright side though, it's nice to have items for packing which are perfectly sized to protect the cards when mailing!


  1. Tom, from The Angels, In Order collects this sort of thing, so you might try him first (calangels on the TCDB).

  2. Maybe if the card has your birthday it'd be worth keeping?