Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The Replacements

 As a few of the cards originally agreed to were MIA in the box trade with Kahnadah, here are some of the extras which were sent in as replacements. Note, a bunch of the Bruin cards I will be passing on to local collector Jeff who I trade with, but some I do need for set building, and will show those Bruins here. I like to keep the ones I pass on a bit of a surprise for him.

Of the Leaf extras sent, a six pack of new to me cards. Not a surprise on the newer ones, and not a surprise that newer SP Authentic designs remain very basic in design with lots of white.

Plenty of repeat Leafs too...

I just so happened to get another Bower recently before this one, or it would have been new for me also.

As for the Bruin keepers...

A few set builds and a few inserts to make for a solid 8 keepers and about 30 I am not, but all in, another fantastic October box trade with a fellow Canadian. Tomorrow - my second box trade in the month, with Shaw Racing begins. It'll take a few days to get through also!

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