Sunday, November 12, 2023

More Team Sets Completed

 We get to keep going through the trade package from TCDB member Kahnadah today, and happily, like yesterday, we succeed in knocking off a few more Leaf team sets.

2011-12 SPx pure base cards are now all accounted for (that's a theme for me here - finishing base sets where I don't include the serial numbered cards because, come on - base cards shouldn't be serial numbered....unless your set is The Cup maybe.

The massive 2 card 2011-12 Victory Update inserts from the Upper Deck flagship set, and the pure base team set for Artifacts from the same year, now all accounted for as well.

2012-13 SP Authentic is another one to mark off, with it's almost too basic and plain design.

Contenders and Titanium above are the last team sets completed today. It does mean 5 more today which will make any more just icing on the cake, as I think this has probably been my most successful trade for number of Leaf team sets knocked off in a single trade. Helps also that a lot of these are ones I wouldn't have gone out looking for (ie. Panini related products).

Very cool, and still a couple more days worth of cards to get through!

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