Tuesday, November 21, 2023


Hello, and no, I am not talking about Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and his WCW character, I am talking about the recent Magic release of Doctor Who from the Universes Beyond series. Magic likes to team up and make special releases like this, or Walking Dead, or almost Harry Potter, and they are unique and different, though I see them more as a money grab, and I remain a sucker unfortunately.

I was never a fan of the show, so I don't have that connection to these, but I do pick up the COllector pack as that is the only way they were released, and some of the cheaper artifact cards as well...

For those interested, there is not set or draft boosters, just the decks and collector packs essentially, so at least I don't have more than one booster to pick up, but still a solid bunch of cards which I don't feel like spending a dollar or two on to get most of them. Will wait and give some time to see if at least the common cards come down to a quarter pricing sooner than later.

Getting a bit much on the releases as I think there were a couple others recently and might be another before the end of the year. I should count, but feels like we are getting to more than one release a month these days. I miss when it was more likely 4 a year.


  1. As a follower of the show, I was tempted to grab a few, but the decks were like 65 bucks. Too bad you got some doubles in that pack.

    1. Yeah, the "premium" content and price as well as how often such sets are being released has gotten out of hand in my opinion. Once a year for these types of releases would be fine and make them feel special.