Thursday, November 23, 2023

PWE Round Up

Before getting to more of the COVID lot, wanted to cover a few trades that came in by PWE from various trade partners.

First up is a one off PWE from TCDB member Nathan-John-Mercer.

2021-22 Upper Deck Marner, a pretty nice pick up, and leaves me with a single Young Gun card missing to finish off my Leaf base set.

Next, a quick trade with fuxthepot who I got some 1992 Studio help.

Still some 1988 Donruss variations I am missing too, but this trade was just build around a bit of set help - love those early 90s Studio sets as they were so different.

We also have a small PWE trade with TCDB member BLWinborn40....

A nice three Jays, and my first 2018 Topps Big League Gold parallel.

Last up, a trade with FireprrofLowlife...

A really great 1982 help[er with Brett, but two cool wrestling cards make this PWE worth while. I will say, Fleer wrestling cards circa early 2000 were pretty darn good like Jericho here. There were a number of sets, but they stood out to me, just don't have a lot of them.

Doesn't take a lot of cards to get a decent little trade done and glad to be able to share a few of them today.

Actually, trade wise, 2023 is my most eventful year all around - over 110 trades in the year and over 7,000 cards moved (about 4k out and 3k in). Actually, it's more than I did in my first 4 years of being on TCDB combined!

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