Monday, November 20, 2023

At My Price

 So, here's a big reason why I love trading - the prices of cards in new releases, I just find a bit excessive. I find it harder and harder to justify the price for cards - I mean, it's typical to spend about $1 a card when buying a blaster box these days. I'd much rather find a way to trade for some of these newer cards, because many of the cards in my traders, I picked up for a penny or two each.

They still obviously have more value, it's just the benefit of buying lots, and doing the work (and where needed, paying postage), to get the cards you want instead, and today, the Shaw Racing package provides me with 44 of the 100 base cards from the 2021 Topps WWE Women's Division that I wouldn't have otherwise picked up.

I would probably rather a solid colour effect for the brand, rather than the white "light" interruption bands here, but it is what it is - they can't all be winning designs.

Becky6 starts the cards from a few of the insert sets, the best of which is the 55 card roster insert, of which I picked up 20 cards as per below.

The roster cards may be simple in purpose and design, but they are great.

Personal faves of the bunch here - I don't mind Liv, really like Shotzi and wish they had a bit more direction for her, and interested to see how Gigi fares.

One card from NXT 2.0 release, and speaking of expensive cards, a bunch of the newer Panini Prizm release which is priced higher than I want to pay.

A few inserts from the 2022 release as well to end it.

I appreciate all of the wrestling additions, and look forward to new year as I expect I should be able to trade another box back and forth next October with Shaw Racing again.


  1. Great cards. The Scarlett photo on the roster card is a favorite. Wrestling is made for cards. So many great photos and so fun. I think the Women's Division is really fun. Great post.

    1. Agreed - though baseball and hockey can come up with a nice action shot here or there, wrestling is made for that "poster" photo, or in this case, capturing that nice card photo.

  2. Those Women's Division cards remind me of Max Headroom...