Saturday, September 30, 2017

Getting a little Magic

So I picked up another 100 random Magic cards at the dollar store since I have had some decent luck in the past, and as it worked out, I think this one was even better!

Since I collect artifact cards, I'll go through those first. I think previously I would end up getting 5-7 in the 100 cards...

A common with a decent ability of giving a creature trample (damage over the blocking creature's toughness would go through to the target player....see - I remember some things about the game!).

Another common card with a very specific use to target artifact creatures.

An uncmomon - there was a similar artifact card for each colour.

An uncommon - 2 cost for a 2/2 creatures isn't too bad.

A common with a decent ability to give back a few life if it dies ....could be game saving.

A common - pretty sure this is a reprint, updated from an earlier set where it was used, and I am pretty sure I have one, but will have to look in my collection.

An uncommon - I know I have a number of these from earlier sets - but nice to get a newer art version.

A common, with a name that is a handful!

Common, but since I had none and you can play with four in a deck, so I collect for of each artifact if I so happen to get that many. Since I had none before this, I now have three!

So yeah, a number of artifacts,and all keepers.

Also, just to give a sense, here are the oldest cards that were included...

Ice Age, Mirage and Visions - sets from my heyday in playing. In the long scheme of things, now overly strong sets, but definitely have their cards of value and use.

There were also a few foil cards (nothing of any real value which isn't surprising, but nice to see these still.

Personally, I preferred when the foil design had a little something different to it, like the shooting star on the Goblin Firebug.

SO there you have it, a great little pack...might just get an itch for another sooner than later...

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