Sunday, November 15, 2020

A Rough Ending

 This half today isn't nearly as good as yesterday, but I did get one more Jay at least...

Will all the variations of 1991 Donruss, I had to double check, but it is one that I did already have, but that's fine.

Some odds and ends set help...

No surprise that again, mostly late 80s and early 90s help with a few newer years.

Plenty of dupes and cards for trade...

Plenty of 1990 Donruss and 1989 Topps again but a couple interesting newer cards between the 2015 Archives Killebrew and Leaf Certified Alou.

Oh more...

Yeah - sometimes it happens, but would think this one could stick out as a football card...

84 Cards, 171 Points

Okay, since the pack was a rough ending - let's try to make the post ending a bit better with another PWE trade from TCDB, this one from member bassmon.

These are all 1991 Fleer jumbo pack variations. No, not sure why exactly I am collecting these variations other than people have them, and I don't and I do like variations in general...though maybe don't need more bright yellow cards.

Either way, they be mine now.

Parkhurst French Leafs too. Yeah, a couple different odd things for me in this trade, but that's alright with me. Even French Leaf cards are welcome here.

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  1. Another variation (1991 Fleer) I had never heard of. Very cool.