Saturday, November 7, 2020

Varied Stars

Obviously it's fair to call any WWE Superstar, a "star", but how far they take that stardom can vary. Seth Rollins - definitely big star within the confines of WWE, Triple H - definitely a star in WWE, but also somewhat outside, if you consider his growth on the business side, and Batista - able to move it into a movie star type of star, which honestly, surprised me a bit.

All for Dave being able to turn his WWE time into a movie star career akin to The Rock, just can't say it was something I saw coming from his days at Deacon Batista, or even as he was with Evolution. Always thought he would do well in WWE, but apparently, even further than that.

Kaira Sane was a star in Japan, and though she did fine in WWE, her best time here was in NXT before being called up.

R-Truth. What can I say about R-Truth. I mentioned before, with his life story, I cheer for the man, and I find his love of life and what he does to be a breath of fresh air. Really enjoying his game show these days as it's great to see him having fun, and the personal side of some of the wrestlers.

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  1. Love me some Kairi and Asuka. It was sad news when she decided to go back to Japan.

    Side note... HHH looks hella old on that card. Guess I haven't seen him in a long time.

  2. R-Truth could probably work in a buddy comedy if he decided to go Hollywood..