Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Acuna Matata

 It means no worries - when you get dupes of Acuna, it's all good and today we opened the last part of my birthday gift from this year...

and well...there were a few dupes...

A shame the couple inserts from the 150 years insert set are dupes, but I mean, it's still Acuna and Sandy - not like these are random generic players on inserts.

Joey Votto must have a thing for me as that's my third base Joey I pulled for this set.

Not all dupes though as there were some base adds to get me over 110 of the 200 base cards now...

We did get one useful dupe as well since I needed a version for the error binder...

and a few inserts for keeps...

As happy as I am to get another Opening Day card as they are great ballpark shots, and the Mascots are a fun insert set....not a single Jay card in the 40 card pack.

A bit of a flat box overall, and not as good as the first, in part because I had more of the base cards already. I actually still have a blaster of this to open at some point from Dave and Adam's, but not sure when I will get around to it....but nice to have a small stash of things to open considering the world these days...

40 Cards, 81 Points.


  1. I agree and actually found two of these blasters, one week apart, about two months ago in my small town Wal-Mart. Very random. Love the Opening Day cards and like you said not a great box but fun cards.

    1. Absolutely big part of why we collect and open what we do.

  2. I really enjoyed the 2019 Topps OD, flagship, and Chrome sets. Solid design. And OD is always solid with the Mascots inserts. It's kind of a bummer that they didn't include Tatis and Eloy on this checklist though.

    1. Yes - and not an excuse for those one specifically, but in some ways a smaller checklist is nice for an easier collect, but it leve someone to figure out who is in and who is out.