Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Auto

Yes - we have the promised autograph today, but we will save it to the end folks. 

First up, all the base goodies, all new, including Stephanie all suited up and ready to fire someone.

When you talk about announcers that I have little opinion on and am indifferent towards - you get Vic Joseph. Sorry Vic.

The proud Long Island native definitely uses the hometown in his shtick, and that's more than fine with me. He's proud of it, plays it up, and gives him a great connection to New York - which really is like home to the WWE. 

Here is a man that should get a lot of credit for helping a lot of careers, including Dwayne Johnson's. Ron Simmons was a great wrestler in WCW, did well in WWE, and as far as I can tell, thoroughly enjoyed his role with the Nation of Domination and helping Dwayne early on in his career.

Cedric did some of his best story line work this year with his interactions with Hurt Business. I can't say he would have been one of the autos I would have hoped for, but it's a nice one nonetheless and can happily be added to the collection. A decent signature too as you can make out the name rather than a C-squiggle A-squiggle.

10 Packs, 67 Cards, 529 Points.

Well, after that pack this isn't a big deal, but let's end with a quick Listia share of cards on the cheap...

I am a sucker for a Jays card, even if I have it, if it's only a few pennies in points that I didn't have to do much to earn.

I will say, I am kind of waiting to see if Listia dies off as it seems to be ebbing make to sparse in the amount it is being used, and the activity level. Time will tell.


  1. Never heard of Cedric... but Stephanie is looking good in that photo. It's weird... 90% of the time I see her, I don't find her attractive. That card right there is part of the 10%.

  2. Is Jack Gallagher a throwback to the boxer Gentleman Jim Corbett?

    1. Bumped to the nth degree because, that is what wrestling does, yes - it is that perceived upper class "gentleman" persona