Saturday, November 21, 2020

Getting Chances

I wish Dana was more properly utilized. She has a great look, has improved greatly in the ring, and if given the chance, I think could be seen as a legitimate threat to the women's title.

I think the closest to having a real chance that she has had was with the Titus Worldwide gimmick.

Speaking of underutilized, a few more suspects here as Ascension were solid in NXT but floundered on the main roster until their departure, and Elias seems to have been on the cusp of being near the top, but keeps in the mid-card at best.

As for Murphy, he has been deservedly thrust into a solid program for most of the year with Seth Rollins and the Mysterio family.

I still really like his 80s video game theme.

We end with a solid retro Mark Henry - he looks so young..and a bit scared too.

3 Packs, 21 Cards, 86 Points.


  1. I vaguely remember Mark Henry. He had some crazy nickname like Sexual Chocolate during the era I saw him.

    1. Indeed....hopefully you weren't watching when he fathered the hand with Mae...

  2. You got Rousey earlier and now you got Mark Henry. Is Dennis Rodman next?

    1. Ha! Wonder how many Dennis Rodman wrestling cards there are though as I am sure he must show up on a few.