Monday, November 9, 2020


 When you think Wrestlemania, and winning, there is only one man that should always come to mind...

I was surprised, at every six packs, that I didn't see one until now from this insert set. I guess the pack I pulled from the last blaster must have had the only one from that box, but here, we have card #10 of the 10 card insert set - The Deadman.

Sure, he eventually ended up with a couple losses, but The Streak will always be his and one of the greatest accomplishments in wrestling. Sure, wrestling is "fixed" and is just "entertainment", but there still has to be reason why the man went two decades without losing at the biggest show of the year.

My understanding is that it was well past 10-0 before it became a thing that was thought about backstage, so just even considering that, there's reason he went that far.

Wins and losses may not mean everything, Triple H has more Wrestlemania matches than the Undertaker, but is below.500 - doesn't really take away from his career, but they can used as a way to define an aspect of a wrestler. That;s why, when you think Wrestlemania, you think Undertaker.

Woo hoo - a new roster insert card - and having little Miss Bliss is a great pick up.

Four more base card needs from the pack, and all I can say about this one is it's...


7 Packs, 47 Cards, 286 Points

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  1. Nice pull and still loving this design. That Alexa Bliss is great. I think I need to pick that one up. The Miz photos is great too.