Thursday, November 12, 2020

Almost There

Just two packs left in this 2020 Road To Wrestlemania blaster, and we hit our first base dupe (along with what is becoming the usual Wrestlemania Roster insert dupes).

The good news is, I should be right about 80% complete for this base set after the pack tomorrow, and that should leave me within distance of actually getting this set completed.

As for the new cards in this pack, let's start with the foilboard insert...

I spoke about Murphy a bit already, so let's focus briefly on Humberto. Along with Andrade and Garza, some of the newer talent to fill in the Rey Mysterio type spot. These guys all deserve to be in WWE and are great talents, but at times it feels like they may be thrown into type cast roles unfortunately. I'd love to see these guys break more from fighting each other and over the next year or so, move on to some next and different programs.

I miss NXT AOP, or even AOP when they first came to Raw - these guys are big and have talent as big men, they just need to be utilized properly. Not sure if it was Drake, who did the best he could in the manager role, but I think they began to not be taken seriously with him managing - I preferred Paul Ellering managing them in NXT.

10 Packs, 68 Cards, 352 Points

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