Saturday, November 14, 2020

Dollarama Baseball 80

 Just like it says, going to start with half of an 80 pack of baseball cards from Dollarama - see what we have, and tomorrow check the other half to see which side wins (and see if I win by getting anything great for my collection. Also, you can win, since anything I don't keep is always up for trade, so just reach out if anything interests you.

Do these usually score well overall? Nope, not really. Do they provide a lot of fun in opening and getting a wide variety of cards? Absolutely!

Might as well start with the entirety of the Jays content on this half of the pack. It's also the oldest card in this half, which is a bit surprising as there usually tends to be one or two cards from the early 80s at least, but not so much today.

These help save the half a bit as uncorrected error cards - nothing too exceptional, but ones that are new to the error collection.

Since I am still slowly working through a number of "junk" era sets, I still get a fair number of cards I keep for set building purposes:

The newest cards being from 2018, provide a few flagship base cards from the set.

As for what I have to find another home for...

The usual suspects like 1990 Donruss, and 1989 Topps, but a bit surprised to see a number of mid-90s and later cards as these are a bit sparse.

Overall though, 43 cards instead of the usual 40 - will I end up ahead on this, or will there only be 37 on the other half? Find out tomorrow!

43 Cards, 96 Points

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  1. That 1989 Topps Blyleven is fantastic. I opened a lot of that stuff... but don't remember that card.