Sunday, February 5, 2023

A Final Adventrure

 Like yesterday, I have the second of two challenger decks I was given a year ago, which I decided to open in order to use in play...and possibly take out artifact or land cards that fit my collection, if any.

As you can see, it's a black/green deck, which they are nice enough to note on the cover as well by way of the mana symbols. I have never been a fan of multi-mana coloured cards, but it does add a lot to multicolour decks, so I get it. Here we also see Vraska for who the deck is centred around. As I mentioned yesterday, you can see that most of these cards are rares - more than you would get in a booster pack, all in one spot, they just aren't all superstar rares.

Happily we do get a new to me artifact, and in all 4 copies, so I'll take those out of the main deck and use some of the sideboard cards instead.

The emblem is a keeper too - nice!

We end with some decent sideboard cards - though I wouldn't use the Noxious Grasp card...definitely a sideboard card when it is colour specific in ability.

Glad to have opened these and started to play with them with my son.

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