Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy 2015-16 Upper Deck Hockey Day

 Okay, it's Valentine's Day...but for the cards I am sharing and going through from the COVID lot, I think that title is more appropriate. It isn't a set that I am working on, so not much will be in it for me, except error cards and Leafs, and with that...just one UER keeper...

As for the other almost 250 cards today, these are just an example of the rest - all cards from series two of the base set. Most cards are in some level of duplicate, but definitely not all the cards of course, so feel free to check on by traders on TCDB if you are interested.

This is a great example of the numbers for the cards...and the interesting alternate uniforms of the time for the Ducks. The orange is...bright...and you either love or hate.

I didn't bother with the duplicates here, just wanting to share the backs, which are pretty darn solid. I mean, full stats, a bit of a write up. I see the appeal, just not interested in adding the set in my "to collect" list.

May not have had any Leafs come up in the bunch, but even worse...there were some Montreal cards...ah well, just means trying to ship them off to a better home sooner!

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