Monday, February 27, 2023

Something To Marvel At

 Sometimes it doesn't take many cards to have something interesting in the COVID lot. Today, we have a few hologram inserts from the 1992 Impel Marvel Universe set. I've come across most of the base set in lots, but I think these are the first hologram inserts I've had in hand.

Sure there are just three cards, and two of them are the same "Thing", but there are only 5 different ones in the insert set. In hand, the cards are very much in one foil tone/colour. On an angle, you can make out the underlying photos, but the scan actually does a much better job picking it up.

I wasn't a die hard Marvel fan. I did watch a number of the cartoons in the 90s on and off, but none religiously. It was hard to avoid them, they were everywhere. I may never have gotten into the comics, but the cartoons at least gave me enough knowledge of Marvel to make the movies which have come since, worth watching. I may not be a die hard, but they are enjoyable.

If you are a Marvel fan - did it start with the comics? The magazines? Just the movies?


  1. I used to see a couple Marvel cards here and there as a teen, and I'm sure they're more popular now with the MCU taking over Hollywood and all. But I never really got into the comics or movies. Once in a while I'll pick up a card or two on COMC - just got a couple WandaVision and Captain Marvel singles for 30 cents each.

    1. I enjoyed WandaVision - I am sure I didn't get as much out of it as those into the whole MCU, but was still very enjoyable.

  2. I didn't read the comics, just bought packs back in the early 90's, so my Marvel knowledge was from the trading cards. My DC knowledge was from the old TV shows and cards as well. Nice holograms!

  3. I was a diehard DC Comics fan up to 2011, and I don't like marvel comics to this day. I love the Marvel movies though, and hate DC's movies. I think my lack of connection to the comics allows me to enjoy them more.