Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tough Guy

 Well, today we get to spotlight a single player with cards from the COVID lot...Rob Ray,

From the cards, those are the two I am keeping, below are the ones for trade.

Rob was a tough guy for the Sabres for almost his entire career. He had about 10 of his 900 games, at the end, which were for the Senators. With Buffalo, through the 90s, I knew him well because of his interactions with Tie Domi. I knew they fought a number of times, but I ha to look up to see how many. Apparently they had double digits in fights. I'd like to say Tie won by far, but there were some even tilts overall, so a good rivalry. Definitely added to what became over 3,200 penalty minutes in Rob's career.

How times change - as I don't think you will see anyone with those kind of numbers again in the NHL unless there is another monumental shift in the sport, but I can't see fighting being allowed back to be "normal" in the sport.


  1. Rob Ray is still a fan favorite in Buffalo! I love the look on the ref's face as holds Ray back!

  2. That's a lot of Rays! The blue-bordered Score cards look really nice with Sabres colors.