Friday, February 17, 2023

A Reason To Indigo

Not sure if you've looked, but I have had a bit of luck over the last couple years in getting some unopened packs of hockey cards. Indigo has on their small card selection in the kids section, on hangers, blister packs which contain one or two packs of cards for $1.49. Over the last couple years I ended up finding 11 of these packs, and I only pick them up if there are two packs of cards - one I see, and one that's hidden behind.

In picking them up, these are the front packs I saw... 

The sides of the second pack hiding, showed red, and I thought may be another different year MVP pack, but instead was a variety of the following...

Well, since I never had any of these in hand when they came out, let's me add one of each to the unopened pack collection, so that's a great pick up. All in, 22 packs, and even with some going to the unopened pack collection, that leaves me with some packs to open over the next number of days. Given busy season with work, packs do make for an easier time opening, scanning and posting/sharing, so let's do that for a bit!

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