Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Moving Up

 Well, we get some more MVP hockey cards today, but we bump up a year and have a couple 2019-20 packs today.

Pack 1 - 

Well, that's a pretty flat pack full of base cards. I do have a soft spot for Bobby Ryan and his story, but otherwise, not a whole lot going on for me with this one.

A better go with the second pack as I get a Bruins card to put away for Jeff Scott, an a short print rookie card as well. Joel spent a little time over each of three seasons with the Stars and is trying to get back to the big dance, otherwise spending his time in the AHL.

The MVP packs have been a bit underwhelming, whereas the upcoming National Hockey Card Day packs should brings lot of keepers as I will try to finish those little sets any time!

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