Saturday, February 11, 2023

A McFavourite

I have always enjoyed the McDonald's hockey card sets. The early 90s ones hold fond memories from getting the cards as a kid, but the 2006-07 set (cards today from the COVID lot), is one that reminds me of getting back into card collecting.

Around the time I started this blog, it was because I wanted to document my first sports card lot bulk purchase after getting back into collecting about a year before that after being out of it for a decade and a half. Yes, that is what started this blog...and actually, it's those lot purchases which drive a bunch of the content and discussion, though not all of it.

In that lot purchase, a bunch of these cards came up, enough that it was a set I actively went after to complete, and did. Not the hardest feat at 56 cards, but a set I am glad to have put together.

Sentimental reasons aside, the cards themselves are really nice - shine front, clean back. The pictures aren't anything unique like a Stadium Club, but they don't have to be in this set. I mean, at 56 cards, it's the stars of the time that make the set, not out of the world photos.

Unfortunately, some of the cards have a bit of scrapped film on the front, so some will be used as packing material, but there's still a few of each cards I have up for trade now, so all good on that account. Not sure if people keep or use as packaging when I sent the cards that way, but better than just throwing them out, especially cards from this set...they deserve a better fate than the trash.

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