Friday, February 10, 2023

Cutting Diamonds

I generally like Black Diamond sets - even if I shouldn't. I mean, they are so metallic and dark and can be hard to read, but I like them. One of the first sets I saw in any number, which I started to collect is 2005-06 Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey...which we get to see a bunch of today.

I have a lot of the single diamond base cards, but did still have some I need, and one double diamond.

I guess I should consider whether I should count the single diamond base cards as the "pure base" set since the rest are like short prints. This year has double, triple and quad diamond cards (which I think is the "norm" in Black Diamond sets), with more diamonds meaning shorter prints. I guess that's why only a single double diamond card here....but there were plenty of base dupes droves...

If anyone needs an Olli - I have a baseball starting lineup worth now. I do like the backs though with the nice black/grey colouring and set up. Very smooth.

Here I had gotten rid of a bunch of the dupes of this set I picked up a few years ago, but now I have another 150 or so to trade away. Guess that's not a bad thing since they do seem to move at least.


  1. I'm with you, I'm a sucker for Black Diamond. Something about the black scheme and the etched foil. Just dislike how, UD made the later years so hard to put together before they even went to a SN set.

    1. Yes, I like when a base set is without short prints or minimal short prints. To me, a base set should be all cards, equal chance to's "base" for a reason.