Monday, February 13, 2023

Hitting A Homer

 Another PWE trade to share today, this one from first time trade partner homerjg007 from the usual haunt of TCDB. This one is definitely a variety pack!

We have another error card of Sammy from 1990 Donruss where, given the different variations of dots and asterisks, there are a number of different versions of the "same" error card.

The Diamond Giveaway from 2011 Topps is the only Jays card with Jose, so that's a nice one and done.

A couple 2012 Bowman cards, with one being a really nice looking chrome green refractor.

Mini Rios from 2007 A&G, and a killer whale that was thrown in as an extra from 2009 Goodwin Champions.

If that wasn't enough, there was some wrestling content too!

These are all 2012 Topps cards. The base set, I first picked up some cards from back in 2018, and now have 2/3 of the base set done, while the Diva and CM Punk inserts are all firsts for me from those insert sets. Still can't believe how long Alicia Fox had a career in WWE when I don't really remember her doing much...good for her I guess....

Definitely an enjoyable PWE to get given the variety, and as always, wrestling is appreciated since I don't get nearly as much wrestling cards as baseball and hockey in my trades.

Actually, might as well share another small PWE, this one from JeffWestlake who sent a couple Bruins cards which I will quietly squirrel away for another Jeff, and then some help with my Timmies set...

I have to say, filling the little set binder, and seeing the spots fill is very satisfying. Still plenty to go, but each card makes the binder a little bit happier!

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