Sunday, February 12, 2023

Bring It In Ref

 A short share today - another TCDB trade to get some more needed 2022-23 Timmies cards. This trade is with member refmichel to whom I sent about 20 various baseball and hockey cards to get these back...

Obviously love getting the Leaf insert cards as I'll also need copies of those for the Leaf team set, but I'll focus on that after getting the set pretty much done.

I didn't get as many of the rounder red die cuts from the packs, so have a long way to go on those. The other that surprised me is that I don't have any gold etching inserts, which is one I really like, so will have to get on those once I finish with the current Timmies trades I am working on.

Thanks for the trade!


  1. The Superstar Showcase inserts look nice. I wish it wasn't so hard for me to find a Canadian TCDB trade partner. Ran into a couple that wont ship to the US. (You think *your* international fees are bad! lol)

    1. Yeah, it's a shame the fees are a bit prohibitive going across the border. That said, I'm up for trades for the sake of helping people - just did a small trade - about 60-70 cards each way, with someone in Norway - cost about $11 shipping, but worth moving cards out. I'm happy to trade 400-800 cards each way across with the US, though the $20-30 for shipping does throw some trade partners off....and it's a bit hard finding someone who may have that many needs without a bit of a stretch on what to send each way.