Monday, February 6, 2023

An SP Run

 Back to the COVID lot, and a bunch of cards from 1995-96 SP hockey.

Happily, the run of cards has some Leaf content, and even better, three of these cards were new additions to my Leaf collection, and of course the dupes aren't a bad thing either. As it turns out, a number of the cards today come in multiples.

A couple uncorrected error cards as well...the first two below, and then some examples of "the rest"...

So yes, some cards coming 2, 3, or 4 at a time...though for this set, I am thinking theyu should be well tradeable. No interest in collecting the set, especially because of the very difficult to read backs...

The dark background makes these nearly impossible for me to read the stats on at all. Oh well, can't collect every set anway!

The run of base set cards also cover the international prospects as it were. A different design, but same high level of shiny. SP sets are either hit or miss for me, and this one, just isn't great to me - the design just takes too much away. So, let me take my Leafs and error cards, and hopefully find homes for the rest. I didn't scan all the traders, but they are all on my TCDB for anyone interested.

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