Friday, February 24, 2023

The Last of the Packs

 We end the Indigo packs with a few newer National Hockey Card Day packs...

I only have a couple cards from each set, so should get some nice pick ups here...

Pack 1 - 

I don't find this year's set as star studded as the 2017 set...I mean who are these guys..."McDavid"...."Lemieux"...."Sittler"....but kidding aside, thrilled to get the Sittler card - didn't have that one before, so would be great to get two so I can have one for the set as well.

Pack 2 - 

Wow - lo and behold, we get a second Sittler! Too bad there's a Karlsson dupe, but Yzerman's a good add, so it all works out. With these packs, I'm up to 9 out of 16 cards for this year's base set.

Last up....let's see about the 2022 pack...

A solid enough set. I don't have any of the cards yet, so all good there, plus Morgan, and honestly - really like the design with the Leaf background. Haven't put the rest of the cards on my want list, but might consider that if I happen across a few more.

Overall - I'd spend the $1.49 for two of the packs of cards I went through the last few days, any time.

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