Thursday, February 16, 2023

On The Nose

 Well, I wasn't specifically trying to hit 10,000 cards from the COVID lot on the nose, but as luck would have it, grabbing a bunch of baseball cards got me right there.

We get five keepers which include a couple base set needs, another Bell All Star card and a couple inserts. If I am going to get some baseball cards, not too bad to pick up some Bo Jackson cards. Man may not have had the longest of careers in baseball, but definitely was a star.

Along with more Bo, other big stars of the day to with Cal, Don, Justice, Brett....and I guess Klesko too...kind of.

Most of the cards are from the overproduced era, but a couple stragglers from later 90s sets we have seen before from the lot. A nice little bunch with a bit to keep, and some cards that should move. Still not a fan of the Bowman's Best designs, or the 1991 Fleer yellow, but still like seeing the cards of stars, even if not new to me anymore.

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