Saturday, February 18, 2023

Looking For An MVP

 I talked about the packs yesterday, so let's open a couple today. First up, a couple packs of 2017-18 Upper Deck MVP. I have the 8 card Toronto base set already, and I am not collecting the base set, so mostly just seeing if there's anything otherwise interesting to keep, or Leaf dupes - so let's see...

Pack 1 - 

Well, given there are just 5 cards, a winner with a Leaf pull, even if I already have them. Adding that it's Frederik and all goalies look pretty good in this design - see Rinne for further proof.

Pack 2 - 

The second pack includes a Rask parallel as it's part of the puzzle back parallels - a give away for the numbering on the front, and the obvious puzzle piece back. That may be the star to me, but it's a Florida hot pack with both Barkov and Luongo.

Given the paid cost a buck fifty - not too shabby to get a couple keepers and decent cards otherwise. Let's see what we end up with tomorrow in the next couple.

Speaking of MVP cards...I received a recent package from GCA, who was an MVP in adding to a couple things...

He sent along a bunch of help on the 2011-02 Upper Deck Victory set I have been slowly working on.

I had about 100 cards left to collect in the 440 card base set, but he was able to knock off close to half of that.

He was also kind enough to send almost all the remaining 1994 Pacific set Blue Jays cards I needed.

The team colour border choice for the bottom of the front cards does really well to make the team set look extra awesome.

Amazing package, and really appreciate it a lot, thank you!

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