Wednesday, February 8, 2023


So, I thought I'd be sharing a one card (received) trade from TCDB member sandyrusty, which would be the final card I needed from a set....but apparently it isn't...

Now, the Griffey Jr. rookie card was the harder card to get, but in putting the cards away, I found I was also missing card #512 - Mike Bielecki. I think that will be an easier to trade for, but was happy to give up a bunch of 1996 SP baseball cards to get Ken here - woohoo!

Speaking of trades, I also was able to get some of my Timmies base needs knocked off in a trade I got to do in person with TCDB member Sean_bren. It's the second trade we have been able to do in person, so very cool.

With a number of other recent trades for Timmies cards, I'll need to go through and see how much I am still missing, but I think I should be about 85% on the base set when all the trade dust settles.

Much appreciated from both men - love how much TCDB has improved my ability to collect and trade.

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