Sunday, February 19, 2023

Moving Ahead

 Moving up a year, we get a pack of 2017-18 and one 2018-19 Upper Deck MVP. As I said yesterday, not collecting 2017-18, and for 2018-19, as it turns out, I am just collecting the factory set, so we are back to inserts and Leafs for keepers.

Well, it may not be an insert, but I'll take a short print base card, meaning a rookie card of Jack Roslovic. Jack's done well, though after a few seasons, moved on to the Blue Jackets.

Going on to the 2018-19 pack...

Interestingly, about the same as the last pack - four solid base cards and one short printed rookie card.

Similarly also, after a couple years with one team (Calgary), he moved on to a new team (Florida).

Like yesterday, we get a pair of keepers and 8 cards for trade. For the fun of opening packs, I can go with that trend continuing...or maybe better....maybe?

1 comment:

  1. The Roslovic is a nice one, and I'd completely forgotten Iginla was a King.