Friday, February 3, 2023

Wrestling From A Football Fan

Today we get to share a PWE trade with TCDB member 49erfan23. I sent off some football and Marvel cards in exchange for some wrestling cards off my want list. 

Two 1990s sets covered here, being the 1990 Classic and 1990 Classic History of Wrestlemania sets. The cards are very much Classic in look and feel - a bit on the cheap side and a bit bland, but I won't argue with the awesomeness of both.

I mean, from Bobby and Macho Man - you get nice posed pics and the "logo" name on the front with a brief write up on the back. As for Wrestlemania, can't go wrong with reliving the big show from the earlier years, though it was so much more different than the show it has grown to be today. The moments from these cards are V and VI, but the set does cover them from the first to sixth.

I still need plenty of cards from both sets, but definitely will trade for the help - so big thanks to 49erfan23!


  1. I totally regret not opening up more packs of this stuff back when I worked at a card shop in the early 90's. Instead I went the cheaper rout and opened packs of Impel WCW cards.

    1. And here I am no sure I even remember opening packs of the cards, but I must have because I wouldn't have been trading at that age to get the cards I did have...