Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Closing In on 10k

 The COVID lot hits just shy of 10,000 cards today and tomorrow should put it over. Today, we get to highlight another hockey set, but it's one I am slowly collecting and need a lot of help on so, of the 200 or so cards, I am going to show the keepers - the traders are pretty similar as most cards came with dupes, now listed on TCDB, and all of the Leafs that came up too.

We've talked about MVP sets being "low end",. but as I am a collector, not an investor, that doesn't really have any bearing on whether I collect them or not. I like many of the simple MVP designs. Not all,  but many, and 2006-07 is a pretty solid one. I am not a huge fan of the faux silver signatures, especially when they just do it in a font because they couldn't get a faux signature, but besides that - it's a simple, straightforward design.

My only real complaint for this specific set is the amount of white space on both sides. I get the design and look, but it just leaves a whole lot of border. Still, it works in many ways, and with full stats on the back regardless, I can be a bit forgiving.

The bunch of base cards included the run through of the Leafs...though those were a little sparse as we only get...

Yup, a solid defenseman for the Leafs, but would have liked to have a pair of defensemen for the ice, just no luck today. Still, one is better than none.

Speaking of closing in - still a while to go on my 2022-23 Tim Horton base set, but another PWE coming in, got me a lot closer...

TCDB member galemann was up for a PWE which closed off 18 more wants from the base list...sweet! My fave from the bunch has to be of course Tim himself, but they will all find a loving spot in the binder!

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