Thursday, February 23, 2023

Cards For Canada

 The National Hockey Card Days are a nice way to get everyone involved with supporting local card stores. I know there are some that take advantage and just try to collect and invest, even with these "free" packs. Myself, I just like collecting them, and happily try to get the sets where I can.

With the 2017 set, I have 5 of the 17 cards (including the checklist), and hope I might get close to done with these four packs, if the collation works in my favour.

Knock off a few needs, which is about the only reason I'd be happy getting a Roy card.

Wow - I mean, in a 5 card pack, when Mitch Marner is your weakest player, that's a great pack. Nice to get Sid as I needed him, and Bossy, and Marner.

A bit of duplication, but Orr will get to a new home, no problem there.

Darn - too much duplication in the last pack, and I end up short my Auston cards at least.

So on review, I am missing Auston card 1, Tavares card 8, and Auston card 16, so I stand at 14 of 17. Happy to trade with anyone who has those, just let me know. I'd actually love two of each Auston card since I'd like dupes for my Toronto team set as well!

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