Sunday, June 23, 2024

Back And Forth

 I feel teased by this box. TOday's pack is another with more trade bait than I would have expected from a single blaster box.

I don't get Kit - I mean, the tag team Pretty Deadly is fine, but I don't expect either will easily be able to grow out of the tag team and become a singles star, or at least it will take a lot of work to get there. I mean, if they want to be a tag team for many years in the WWE, it could work, but would be middle of the card at best.

Then we have Nikita Lyons who reminder me very much of Beth Phoenix - strong, solid bodied and can go, though she may need a bit more experience in the ring, will be interesting to see where she can go to.

We finish with NXT alumni Drew. He was like two different characters looking at his first run and coming back on his second. The first, he was too young and pushed too hard. It's a shame he had to go away to find himself, but the Drew that came back has been extremely good for most of his run in NXT and on the main brand as well.

Well, if I am going to see base dupes, Bron isn't a bad one to get I guess.

As for the inserts...

Zoey is another one who could go somewhere on the main roster. I think she just needs some time for character build and to show more of her personality to get people to buy in - whether to love her or hate her, and she should then be on solid footing on the main roster.

Alexa Bliss - glad she had the time to go off and do the family thing like Becky did.

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