Sunday, June 9, 2024

The Wild West

 A quick MTG update today as a recent set based on the wild west came out about a month ago 

Those are the pack keepers and definitely show the wild west vides. I picked up some of the singles too, but mostly the "cheap" ones.

Okay, so I guess with some of this we are going more for the Wild West / technology vibe from the Will Smith movie instead of old times Clint Eastwood wild west.

I'm starting to really miss the old make of the cards themselves. I swear they are feeling more plastic list with the film they put on the cards whereas the old ones were much like a deck of playing cards. These slide around a lot more!

I love collecting still, but with the constant barrage of cards and sets, I doubt t I would want to keep up with the changes to play on anything more than a "for fun with friends" format.

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