Wednesday, June 5, 2024

More Newer Jays

 Oren didn't disappoint with the Jays cards in his package, still a couple more "packs" in what he sent my way, so let's see what else we have for today.

Frank Thomas as a Jay was a fun time, even better was Joe Carter. For some reason I thought I had that Joe Carter A&G, but alas, I did not, but I do now! The couple 1994 Pinnacle aren't new for me, but always appreciated.

Winner today is the Bowman's Best Donaldson as it is a one and done Blue Jays team set - amazing.

Though I have been fortunate enough to pick up some of the Topps flagship and Heritage cards elsewhere in trades, making these dupes, the Reese Prizm card was my first such parallel card. I dislike having to try and differentiate the different cards for Prizm, and really wish they would label each and every type of card on the back when they have soo many different, but can look similar, parallels or inserts.

They do it with the Donruss set as well. At least, given the options, it was easy enough to see this was my first holo pink card from the 2021 Donruss set, and even then, had to check and see it was the "base" version and not the variant "The 6" version.

It's like they are trying to make each card in each pack unique enough to want to collect them all, without making a million actual, different cards.


  1. Totally agree. You can't have a slew of parallels and not label them. And now some of them are serial numbered to the sane number. Why make two different borders both to say 75? Then again, I really hope it ends up being my biggest problem in life lol

    1. Agreed - it's a complaint, but one I can live with...just would be a small nice change to simplify a bit.