Thursday, June 20, 2024

Starting In NXT

 Today, onto a wrestling blaster box to start sharing...

I picked up two of these off Amazon because they were on sale for about $25 CDN, and given there are 90 cards, that's not too bad a deal these days unfortunately. Today we start with the first blaster and I am starting with 1 of 125 base cards already in my collection, so plenty of chance for this to be a solid box opening. First up, pulling a pack for the unopened pack collection, but let's look at one front and back for show...

Both the cover and the pack have the same photo work - not a surprise from Panini who seem to like reusing photos as much as possible. Bron is now on the main roster while Mandy, who had an amazing run in 2021-2022 in NXT is gone from the company which, from all accounts has to do with her desire to move forward with her OnlyFans and social media endeavors. Unfortunate from a wrestling standpoint as she had really sunk her teeth into the second NXT run and done really well for herself.

Now, Panini being Panini, they don't really give per pack odds, so I am going to have to do a bit of best guess work on my scoring, but I'll figure that out as I go. For now, to the cards!

A solid base card design. I can see how the use of the border colours can be used for multiple parallels, and then of course there is also the ability to change up the foil too. We start with getting Bron, one of the faces of the brand at the time, with his rookie card. Cora Jade's a good pick up too. I know of the UK guys a bit, but never followed the UK brand too closely - there are only so many hours in the day and Raw, SMackdown, and NXT provide enough for me to try and keep up with.

THe back part of the base set has a sub set for essentially all-time NXT stars, and we get Otis from the section here. Otis has done pretty well for himself overall on the main roster. He hasn't been a main event guy really, but solid mid-carder at times.

We have a couple inserts, as promised. An NXT Gold insert with Asuka who had an amazing run on the brand, and a silver parallel (not SN'd) of Sarray. I am going to, from my looking up of other breaks online, say the silver parallels are about every 3 packs and the NXT Gold about event 5, so will use those for scoring.

I will say, that posed photo of Asuke looks right on for how I remember her in her heights on NXT - definitely a lot more show on her main roster look with the added face paint and wardrobe.


  1. Nice design and I like the look of the cards. I know the Asuka is an insert but it's my favorite.

    1. A shame but generally NXT Asuka was much better than main roster Asuka.