Friday, June 7, 2024

Oren Hockey

 Like it says, today, some of the hockey cards from Oren in the package he was kind enough to send my way, and we stay current with cards all being from the last couple years.

In entering these into TCDB, I noticed a number of the sets, I haven't yet updated and gone through to mark my "needs" in TCDB because I have to do so individually, can't just pick "all new Leaf cards" and add them all. I try and do this one a year or so because it's time consuming. I still need oodles of cards from before the current years anyway, but I am sure it does impact my trading a bit since people who are collecting now and have dupe Leafs could be matched up for trades, but aren't.

I may have most of the 2021-22 Upper Deck flagship set Leafs, but the O Pee Chee cards were all new, as were the couple Mitch UD Ice cards. As I've shared before, I like Auston, but I like Mitch even more, so nice getting the adds for him today. The cards here bump me to 73 Marner cards - wouldn't mind getting over 100 this year, though not going to specifically make that a goal.

A few SkyBox Metal Universe cards which scan "meh", but do look good in hand.

2022-23 Upper Deck MVP set - I put you on notice that I am going to be collecting you....soon. I have a retail box to crack at some point, and though I may not be done in a box due to those short print is MVP, so should be able to pick up whatever I am missing soon after.

One more bunch of cards from's been great so far, so can only imaging what's in the last bit...

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