Monday, June 10, 2024

Silly Indeed

 So, on one of my pick ups from Pastime Sports & Games out in BC, I picked up a couple sale items just because they were unique and cheap. Well, that included this box...

I picked it up for less than $10 and I figured it would be cute and off beat from the usual fare, so why not. Gives me a chance to look at some Garbage Pail Kids adjacent cards and from musical acts of my teen years, give or take.

The base set is 33 cards, the puzzled add another 36 cards and there are 11 stickers. Given the box contains 5 cards per pack and 36 packs, unless collation sucks - which is entirely possible - I should end up with a master set....which probably is still worth less than the 10 bucks, but let's have fun getting there!

For those who were curious, here are the front and back of the pack - all look alike, and I have no interest in keeping any, so let's start with a few and go from there.

Three base cards and two puzzle piece cards per pack, so those would still work to let me get a full set from the box. Let's see how good we can figure these out, though pretty obvious so far - Ozzy, Madonna, and Cher. I'll show the puzzles as I complete them, but from the names, looks like Dixie Chicks and Marilyn Manson from the names.

Personal taste in music - I like at lease a few songs from each of these acts and know them all well enough.

Well, a dupe in the second pack doesn't bode well, but not totally surprising given the small set size. We have kids music represented with Barney and the first of the 11 sticker inserts show up with Snoop Dogg parody card "Poop Dogg". I am guessing on the name - Kidney Stones would be the Rolling Stones.

So...Spice Girls, Elvis and Britney Spears - again, listened to all of them, like songs from each of them. If you are wondering, the backs don't have much other than info on where you can get the cards and more (see the website, which is long gone).

At least the fronts do try and play on a number of the song titles with decent enough effectiveness I guess, for what these are.

Overall, with no real "hits", this will be a low scoring box, but it's more for the fun of opening a product I would never have otherwise considered buying. More tomorrow.


  1. So, Wacky CD Packages. Gotta admit I laughed at "The cuties with the cooties."

    1. I admit - for what it is - it isn't the worst effort to put into the product.

  2. I think I have an unopened pack of this product sitting in my non-sports wax pack collection. But after seeing this post... I ran out and bought a box on eBay. Sure hope I can build one master set myself.

    1. I'll have my fingers crossed that if I am missing anything when done, you happen upon a dupe or two I need to trade this way!